What is the net worth of Greg Penner?

net worth of Greg Penner

This article shares the net worth of Gregory Boyd Penner. His estimated net worth is $36 billion. He is a board member in Walmart, Hayat hotels, Baidu, eHarmony, and many more companies.


Gregory Boyd Penner is an American capitalist venture, businessman, and board member of big companies. He was born on December 18, 1969, and married Carrie Walton Penner. He lived in California with his wife and four children.

His net worth source is an investment in Wal-Mart as chairman and financial analyst at Goldman Sachs. He holds millions of shares in the companies named above. Let’s read more on the net worth of Greg penner.

net worth of Greg Penner

Net worth & stock investments

Penner owns many stock units in Walmart itself, being a chairman and active board member. He has participated in onboarding investors in stocks of Walmart Inc.

Since 2016 according to Form4 filled under SEC, Greg penner has made 17 trades of Walmart stocks. The largest trade in Walmart Inc stock by penner was buying 10,187,640 stocks worth $1 295 43,542 on November 4, 2016. There is the history of his stock records on the internet.

Since 2008, at least Greg’s average trades were about 135912 units daily. Penner owns 3,822,382 units of Walmart Inc. as of December 2016. Often buying and selling keep the flow in the net worth. 

The most recent trading by Greg penner happened on December 9, 2016. He sold 1,225,000 stock units of Walmart Inc, which was over worth $67,975,250.

Baidu, Teach for America, eHarmony, and a couple of other companies’ shares inculcate in the net worth.

Penner’s education and career

Greg penner pursues a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University. Penner completed an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business in 1997. Before becoming chairman at a prestigious company like Wal-Mart, Greg Penner had played many roles at different levels at Wal-Mart.

Greg Penner started as an employee and actively participated in the growth journey. He got promoted frequently and handled a variety of positions. During this process, he became CFO of Wal-Mart in Japan and was later announced as Vice-chairman of Wal-Mart in 2014.

Besides Walmart, penner founded an investment firm in Menlo Park, California, and named it Madrone Capital Partners. Gregory invested as a board member and investor in companies like Baidu, Hayat Hotels, Teach for America, eHarmony, and Charter School Growth Fund.


Penner was born on December 18, 1969, and has an MBA from Stanford University. Greg penner’s net worth till 2014 was $36 Million, which keeps increasing. In Walmart, he holds 1,225,000 units of stock worth millions of dollars. It was estimated to be $536,654,010 in the year 2017.

He serves as a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs. Greg penner has been serving the board of many bunches of companies, generating several income sources that contribute to his net worth. Greg Penner is a son-in-law of S. Robson Walton and now lives in California with his family.


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