The Power of Time


There is but one constant in the universe and that is time. Time is the every marching force that propels everything forward. It can be responsible for some amazing works when observing the power of time after years of progress.

Here we’ve compiled a list of the most amazing and astonishing examples of the power of time.

#1 This bank floor has been worn down after years of customers waiting in line

#2 This door has been hit by the bell so many times over the years that it’s worn a hole into it.

#3 This pillar in Toronto has had over 100 years of customers touching and leaning against it.

#4 Years of posters being stuck to a wall on the street.

#5 This dog has been looking out the window for years so much so that it has worn all the way down to the bare metal.

#6 The sun passes through this glass every day and left a burn path in the grass.

#7 Knives in a restaurant after years of sharpening.

#8 This lotion bottle has been used so much that all the letters have started to come off.

#9 This telephone pole has been filled with stapled fliers so much over the years it’s almost unrecognizable.

#10 Copy machine after years of paper cuts.

#11 This person’s cat walks the same path on the carpet every day.

#12 This person removed the pictures on their walls after years of smoking and the difference in color is astonishing.

#13 Can you guess which part of the dog everyone touches?

#14 This keyboard has been used so much it has worn down a hole in the enter key.

#15 This dog’s spot slowly faded over the years.

#16 This is a painter’s stick used to mix paint. After a year of mixing it has more layers than an onion.

#17 This bolt has been worn down from years of vibrating on a washing machine.

#18 This carpet has been stepped on so much over the years that it’s almost invisible now.

#19 This is taken from a wall in an old car factory in Detroit. After years of paint accumulating one layer on top of another it looks like this.

#20 Can you guess which of these stuffed animals was their favorite?

#21 This tree has completely swallowed this hiking sign. Why does it look like a heart though?

#22 I wonder what the password is.

#23 This person did crosswords on the same clipboard for over 30 years.

#24 This tree has been eating this sign for years.

#25 How many hours of practice went into these piano keys?

#26 This is how much pollution there is in New York City. This portion of the building has been pressure washed for the first time in years.

#27 One side of this door was facing inwards and the other has been exposed to the sea breeze for years. Can you guess which is which?

#28 41 years later.

#29 This dog’s collar has been hitting his water bowl for over 13 years.

#30 This wedding ring has left a permanent imprint on this person’s hand after 55 years of wearing it.

#31 Can you tell where people push on the door in this gas station?

#32 This chain has carved a notch in the mountain after years of rubbing against it.

#33 How many games have been played on this ping pong table through the years?

#34 These “steps” have been formed from years of water dripping over it.

#35 This bike was chained to a fence over 30 years ago. As the tree has grown it has taken the bike with it.

#36 Another demonstration of the power of trees. These stones have been picked up and lifted over the years by this tree.

#37 These ghost imprints were left on the wall after years of passengers in Union Station.

#38 One half of this was was protected underneath the roof and the other half has been exposed to the elements for years.

#39 This tree has swallowed up this fence and began to grow around it.

#40 This is the corner of a bike shop after 50 years of customers resting their bikes against the wall.


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