The Many Businesses Of MrBeast


We all have seen or heard of MrBeast at this point. The YouTube superstar that makes the most viral of videos on your home page. Aside from his YouTube channels (yes he has many) he also is amassing quite the portfolio of actual businesses as well.

Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast is well known for his 100m+ subscriber YouTube channel we have all seen at one point or another. In the past couple years he has also been expanding his horizons and been taking the business world by storm.

He is the co-founder of Team Trees which is a non profit to help plant trees and has raised large amounts of money being the face behind it. Alongside Team Trees he has founded Team Seas as well with the goal to help clean up and sustain the oceans.

Outside of the nonprofits he partnered with a gaming studio to create the finger on the app challenge which awarded $25,000 to the player who kept their finger on the phone the longest.

Next he went on to open up MrBeast Burger which is a ghost kitchen style restaurant that only serves via delivery from the popular delivery apps. With 300 locations when it first launched in December of 2020 it has now grown to over 1000 locations in the US and other countries.

After the MrBeast Burger success Jimmy went on to continue in the food niche with Feastables. A company that first started selling candy bars in January of 2022 and has expanded the product line since. The brand was launched in unison with his Willy Wonka video on his channel where he recreated the entire set of Willy Wonka and of course gave away a lot of money.

Whether you know and love MrBeast from his interesting and unique YouTube videos there no denying that he’s carving out a real business empire to go along with his fun and quirky videos. With 2023 around the corner there are sure to be more Beast products coming to a store or corner near you.


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