The Health Benefits of Cucumbers


Cucumbers, one of natures most familiar fruits. You have probably had them in many forms. From salads to sandwiches to pickles there are many ways to consume this versatile fruit. Did you know however that in addition to being tasty Cucumbers offer many health benefits as well.

The cucumber is a plant that is originally from South Asia, but now is grown on most continents. Many people think that cucumbers are vegetables, but they are actually a fruit. It is a vining plant that roots in the ground, and grows up around trellises or other frames. The vine has leaves that form a canopy over the fruit.

Another fact that may surprise you is that Cucumbers are 95% water. However even in light of this they are still extremely healthy to consume.

Cucumbers contain many antioxidants. One study measured the affect of cucumbers by supplementing 30 adults with cucumber power. At the end of the 30 day study, it was found that the cucumber powder led to a signifcant increase in several markers of antioxidants and improved their status. As you can see this shows that the positive affects from cucumber consumption can happen relatively quickly.

Another positive benefit of cucumbers is that they improve hydration due to them being 95% water. Water if important for many aspects of your body’s function. It is involved with aspects such as temperature regulation, and the transport of waste and nutrients

Cucumbers may also improve bone health. One of the top nutrients in cucumbers is Vitamin K, which is very important for bone health. One cup of cucumber can supply up to 20% of the daily recommended amount of Vitamin K.

Cucumbers can also help to promote healthier skin. You may be familiar with the image of putting a cucumber slice on each eye in the spa. This is not just an old wives tail, but comes backed with evidence as well. The pulp of cucumbers contain many natural compounds that sooth skin and reduce swelling.



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