Stumble Guys Tips and Tricks


By now you for sure have heard or possibly played the hit mobile game Stumble Guys. The mobile take of the popular game Fall Guys that has players engaged and potentially enraged for hours trying to get that victory. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned veteran we have compiled some tips and tricks you can put to use on each map to step your game up and hopefully your crowns as well.

Icy Heights

First up we have Icy Heights. This map adds a twist to the normal maps in the form of the slippery slope you are traversing. The entire floor of this map is covered in ice so it’s very easy to get stuck in a precarious situation if you aren’t careful.

The most important thing to keep in mind on this map is to plan ahead. You need to plan your routes and the corners you are going to take well in advance because if you try to make adjustments last second you will find yourself sliding off the edge and being constantly reset.

The second tip is to utilize the slide feature especially on the second part of the map near the finish line. You can make up for lost time as long as you are skilled enough to dodge the obstacles and cross the finish line before your opponents to advance to the next stage.

Honey Drop

This map consists of disappearing platforms that the player must last the longest in order to win. While this map may seem rather straight forward there are actually a few strategies you can implement to try to get the leg up on the competition.

The first being to anticipate where you and the other players are going to move and try to cut off their path and force them to drop down to the next level. If you beat them to a junction of blocks and are able to use them up you can almost guarantee that they are forced to drop down to the next level.

The next tip is playing the long game. You might think that just staying at the top level for as long as you can is the best strategy but you may be taking on more risk than is needed. If you make a mistake or run out of blocks and are forced to drop down to the next level depending on what the rest of the levels look like could be a drop that is farther than just the one level and could actually end up dropping you all the way to the bottom and being eliminated.

It’s actually beneficial to plan your drops or even do them on purpose to make sure you are just dropping down one level and have enough blocks below you to keep making jumps and outlast your opponent.

Floor Flip

Finally we have Floor Flip. This map can be extremely frustrating if you don’t have the right strategy. While this map uses simple physics in that you need to push one end down to raise the other end up if you try to run to the opposite side and weigh the platform down you will almost always find yourself not making it back to the other side before it drops back down from all the weight.

The best strategy for this one is to stay as close to the end that will raise up as possible without falling off. If the platform starts tilting too much in the wrong direction you can move towards the middle of the platform to avoid falling off. But you want to make sure you are always on the end that will raise up instead of doing the work for other players weighing down the opposite side so that they can jump off.


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