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The article spreads knowledge on Obvious Wines’ net worth. Shark tank appearance and motive of a start-up are discussed in short. The estimated net worth of Obvious Wines is $1.7 million.

Obvious wine is a start-up with a net worth of $1.7 million as of 2021. The company stands for offering good-quality, affordable pure, and snob-free wines. Brice Ballie is the founder of obvious Wines; he’s a France native and took the initiative.

The Shark Tank appearance in episode 12 of season 10 has gained popularity. Lori Greiner owns 12.5% equity in the company and is a potential investor. She is actively participating in increasing the valuation of Obvious wines.

The current valuation is $11 million and increasing with growing customer relations. California, Chile, and France are the new homes of obvious wines and branching out widely. Read further to know what Obvious Wines are doing today.

Overview of the obvious wines 

Brice Ballie was a wine snob and belonged to France. Ballie has observed people struggling while getting wine and not being satisfied with the taste. He wanted to transform the struggle into therapy.

His motive is to offer people high-quality, snob-free, affordable, and pure wine globally. He serves a high-quality glass of wine without having any stress about wine education.

Ballie offered affordable wine which tasted amazing, making the company’s net worth $1.7 million. He read the demand for vegan, boutique, and eco-friendly wines and actively focused on packaging. Ballie collaborated with winners and branched out to France, Chile, and California.

Shark Tank’s deal

Shark Tank is a reality show where investors and company founders participate. Investments are exchanged with equity shares, and a round of pitches decides the final investments or offers.

Like every business wants investors to spread the roots, Ballie decided to participate in Shark Tank. Obvious wines appeared in 12 episodes of 10 seasons of shark tank. He presented the obvious wines most creatively.

Ballie went with the pitch of $150000 and 5% equity. The sharks liked the idea and motive of Wines. Lori Greiner had offered her $16000 in return for 12.5% equity in the company. Even though the equity share was high, he accepted the offer.

She implemented and focused on marketing the brand name to grow it globally. The shark tank had gathered attention and helped obvious branch wines to Chile, California, and France.

What are Obvious Wines doing today?

Obvious Wines is doing great today, spreading across California, Chile, and France. Around 170 retailers along with restaurants are serving obvious vines across South California. Ballie took a step forward with online stores and now delivering at doorsteps.


The net worth of obvious wines is $1.7 million, increasing daily. Obvious wines started with the aim to serve a glass of wine that is high-quality, affordable, snob free, and pure. He transformed the struggle of getting wine into therapy. Lori Greiner from shark tank is actively contributing to growth. The current valuation of obvious wines is $11 million. The current valuation of obvious wines is $11 million.


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