Netflix Games? Are They Any Good?


If you have a Netflix account you might know (or probably not) that Netflix now has a line of mobile games they offer to subscribers. They have actually been experimenting with mobile gaming for a couple years now to the surprise of many. It has been estimated recently that as high as 99% of Netflix subscribers don’t even know they offer mobile games.

How do you find these games you might be asking? Well that’s not so straight forward either. If you use a mobile device to watch Netflix you might see a gaming tab at the bottom of the screen when you open the app. This feature however isn’t rolled out for all users. Alternatively you might see a promotional section on the homepage of the app for Games as well.

Clicking on a game icon will redirect you to the App Store or Google Play Store where you can download the game directly.

You can alternatively search Netflix’s developer profile on the App Store or Google Play Store and see all the titles that way as well. Games owned and operated by Netflix will be depicted with their ‘N’ logo in the top left corner.

Once you download the game you will be prompted to login with your Netflix credentials to gain access.

You can switch between profiles inside the game to track progress of who is playing and compete to get the highest score.

For those of you forgetful renewers of your Netflix plan you don’t need to worry either. As long as you don’t delete the game and its data from your device Netflix will retain your progress for up to 10 months in case your subscription lapses for a couple months.

The selection of games is quite vast with almost 50 games published at the date of this article. So finding a game that interests you shouldn’t be a hard task as they have many genres of games. In addition to traditional games they also offer a wide range of games built off the IP of popular shows and movies for you to check out.

Some of the most notable ones include Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales and SpongeBob: Get Cooking.

Users may be excited to learn that the games don’t include ads which in this day and age is a rarity when it comes to anything. There are also no micro transactions in the games so you don’t need to worry about getting hooked on a game and then hit later with a slow progressing game where you need to pay your way through levels to advance.

You can find a full list of games they offer on their website or searching on the App Store or Google Play Store.

So if you have a Netflix subscription and some time to waste I would recommend you give them a try.


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