Is Wish Legit?


Is legit?

Wish is an ecommerce platform that was started in 2010 by Peter and Danny. It is a US based company operated out of San Francisco. It is innovating in that instead of regular ecommerce platforms that require you to search for what you want, wish has a home feed that recommends the users what they think they will want to buy. Unlike Amazon though Wish doesn’t stock the products themselves or handle returns. This means that all contact on the site is dealt with between buyers and sellers. The application originally stated as a way for shoppers to create wish lists, that would eventually be connected to merchants, hence the name wish. From these small starts by 2017 Wish was picking up steam, in this year it was the most downloaded ecommerce application in the United States. By 2018 Wish was the most downloaded ecommerce application worldwide, and the revenue -for the year was $1.9 Billion. As of 2019 it was the third biggest e-commerce marketplace in the United States.

However by the end of the 2010s some major problems started coming to the forefront. Because wish is just a platform that hosts buyers and sellers, it can be easy for unregulated goods to pop up on the platform before they are taken down. By November 2021 France required application to be delisted from their search results, after it was found that many of the products did not comply with European Regulations. In January 2022 a new CEO was appointed to lead the company.

The platform has more than 1 million merchants who list their products on the platform. The bulk of which comes from China. This leads to a huge amount of variety and competition that is good for consumers. Wish is often cheaper than competitors which helps leave money in the pockets of global consumers. In conclusion even though Wish has had some problems in the past, it is a legit company and provides a lot of value to consumers


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