Influencer Gets a Face Tattoo and Instantly Regrets it


A Columbian influencer who is also an avid soccer fan rushed to the tattoo parlor after the World Cup with one request and that was to get the word MESSI tattoo’d on his forehead.

Mike Jambs shared his post to social media showing off his new ink but it seems like not all of his followers were on board.






Many comments on the posts were negative overall not showing support to the influencer which is a reaction that isn’t completely unexpected.

A few days after the tattoo was done and it had gone viral he admitted that he regretted his decision to get the tattoo. He said instead of bringing him positive things it has brought nothing but negative things for both him personally and his family.

He now says that he wants to remove the tattoo from his forehead but is unsure how.

With all the attention (good or bad) there is no denying he gained a lot of attention from his new ink. He ended up getting interviewed by one of the largest Argentinian new channels after the tattoo.

The one many however that he probably would like some attention from is Messi himself who has yet to comment on it.

So how easy is it to remove an unwanted tattoo?

The most effective treatment for removing tattoos is laser removal. Removing tattoos on the face can be done but it needs to be done by a professional as it’s a very delicate area.

Since there is higher blood flow in the face and neck area the results are surprisingly good as there is a lot of blood to carry away the ink. Patients must wear protective goggles to avoid any harm to their eyesights and many liken the pain to similar to how bad it felt when first getting the tattoo.

If aftercare instructions are followed correctly there is usually minimal side effects and scarring in the area where the tattoo was present.



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