David Dobrik Takes On Pizza


David Dobrik has made it official with his pizza brand Doughbriks. Opening his first location on November 12, 2022 on Sunset Boulevard David Dobrik inaugurated his first Doughbrik’s pizza location.

The day of launch David made an appearance at the location to see fans and also cut the red tape to officially open the location. He was greeted by a line of fans that stretched for miles with some reportedly staying there for 4 days prior to secure their spot in the line.

He started the franchise with his good friend and fellow content creator Ilya Fedorovich. Together they are also owners of Xeela which is a supplement and protein brand they launched this year as well.

With a following as big as David Dobrik has pretty much anything he puts his name behind will attract a lot of attention so it’s no surprise that these businesses are doing very well and already have tons of loyal customers.

He formerly had started a disposable camera app similar to Instagram where users take photos and have to wait 24 hours for them to develop similar to an actual disposable camera.

He is no longer a part of this venture however due to outside issues and the company dropping him from their brand image.

Whether it’s pizza or fitness or mobile apps it’s clear that David Dobrik has the following and also the business genes to take a brand and make it massive. The only question is how many more brands will he start up in the next year?


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