Buffy Wordle – Buffy or Buggy? know the right answer


If you are fond of solving puzzles and regular wordle, then you are at the right place. As per the survey and statistics, nearly 3 million people all across the world are wordle players. These are mainly famous in countries such as United Nations and the United Kingdom.  And today, we are talking about buffy wordle and its latest 412 wordles. Many people often face trouble in finding the right answer and solving the wordle. For those and everyone else, e will help you out with seeking the right answer to it and having all the details of today’s wordle game. Although it’s a simple game, there are often few things that a person misses out on while solving one. So, let’s get started with this article!                                      

Why Buffy is added with Wordle?                                    

People often face a lot of trouble in solving wordle puzzles and waste plenty of time in getting to the answer. Despite knowing all the hints given in wordle, the player still answers with the wrong word. And a big one in this is the word, Buffy. Buffy word is swirling around the internet as the answer to today’s wordle. But as cleared out that it’s not, let’s move to the why and what’s the word.                        

Meaning of buffy                

Buffy means a dull yellow or a yellowish-brown shade colour and the second meaning is, light-coloured that appears on the top of a blood clot. This clearly shows the word buffy has a distinct meaning so simply means it is not the right answer.               

Now, what is the right answer to  412 wordles? It is Buggy. Yes, the buggy word is the right answer and it means a small motor vehicle with an open top.                                  

What do we learn from wordle 412?                

The answer to wordle 412 is tough to catch. The player had quite a hardship to find the correct answer to it. For those who want to figure out how to solve this wordle, here is the right way for you.                  

  • “B” = principle character                          
  • “U”= the center sound.                          

The game required five letters which change every day and you get 6 chances to guess. When you guess it right, the block turns green. And the main thing to keep in mind is that it never includes a plural letter.           

The hint was the word that brings forth a youngster. Which narrows it down to the word buggy, and not buffy which most players surmise.



The rule with solving word puzzles is to finish in the given time. In this article, we covered all the details that you needed for solving and coming to the right answer, which was buggy. However, a large number of players considered the buffy word as the right answer which was not and we explained why. This wordle puzzle was pretty tough to solve but with the right method and technique, it was solved. Stay tuned for more updates!


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