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This article contains the net worth of Adam Calhoun along with brief information about his career, personal life, and achievements.


Adam Calhoun is a professional comedian, singer, rapper, and well-known YouTuber in America. Adam’s net worth is estimated at around $4.8 million as of 2021. He is known for his hip-hop, country music, and outspoken, candid thoughts on issues over the internet.

Adam Calhoun has generated several income sources which inculcate in net worth.

He has released several albums and got famous worldwide. Adam was born on September 5, 1980, in Chicago, America. Along with the music album, Adam owns a merchandise store widely loved by his fans. “War,” his music album, had broken records and sold over 3200 copies worldwide.

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Early Life

Adam Calhoun was born on September 5, 1980, in Chicago, America, and bought up by a single mother. He always felt a passion for singing and even stepped on the first stair of success at 18.

At 19, he and brandy, his ex-girlfriend, got blessed with a baby boy named Tamen. Unfortunately, the couple parted way, and brandy got custody of Tamen.

Adam Calhoun had even spent time in jail for being involved in violence with a police officer.

After releasing from jail 10 years later, when he approached and got his son’s custody, Adam Calhoun pursued work night & day and became a social media sensation.


Adam Calhoun made optimum use of social media by posting candid videos and gaining millions of views. Made in America was his music debut with rapper Hosier in 2017. Adam had acquired a faithful fan following through passion and hard work.

Here is the collection of his famous singles: Salute the brave, Ameracal, The Throne, Crazy white boy EP with Upchurch and Demun Jones.

War album has raised the bars at climbed the most trending music charts. His independent albums and collaboration gained an audience and hugely contributed to his net worth.

Sacramento Pride Prade was also held with his White Boy tour. Adam Calhoun‘s latest album, Legend, released in 2020, is a blockbuster. His YouTube audience is over 1.2 million and increasing every day.

Income source

The major source of Adam Calhoun is not narrowed down to one profession. He is a well-known YouTuber, comedian, singer, rapper, and songwriter in America. His album gets sold thousands of copies makes million of the dollar.

Live concerts, tours, collaboration with famous singers, rappers, and social media engagement hugely contribute to his net worth. Adam Calhoun‘s YouTube subscribers are over $1.2 million and add daily.


Adam Calhoun is an American professional singer, songwriter, rapper, comedian and YouTuber. Adam’s source of income includes music albums, live concerts, YouTube subscribers, merchandise, and social media collaborations. Margie and Adam Calhoun got married in 2018. Adam has 2 children, a girl named Grae Millie Calhoun with her wife and a boy named Tamen Calhoun with his ex-girlfriend Brandy. Adam has collaborated with Mr. Brodnax, Struggle Jennings, Demun Jones, Jesus, and Upchurch.

As of 2021, Adam Calhoun’s net worth is recorded at $4.8 million.



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